What Is A Job Title: The Definitive Guide

Published: September 7th 2023

Updated: September 7th 2023

In the complex world of hiring and human resources, the right job title is a game-changer. It's not rare to find the same title in two companies, yet with completely different responsibilities. Looking back, did previous job titles really describe the job's core function? Whether rolling out entry-level sales positions or distinguishing between broad and specific titles, as employers, we must nail it. Many companies anchor their structure on job titles, making them key in drawing the ideal candidates during their job hunt. From operational roles to niche business positions, let's dive into the craft of designing the ultimate job title, ensuring it's clear, engaging, and spot-on every time we post a job.


  • The definition of a job title
  • Why choosing the correct job title is vital?
  • How to pick the right job title?
  • Common job titles for different industries
  • Top 10 most searched job titles
  • Sample jobs descriptions for all other job titles

Key Takeaways:

  1. You can access sample job descriptions for 2,994 common job titles at
  2. When selecting job titles for job posting ask yourself questions such as where does the role fit within the organization, what are the main objectives this position is tasked with, and how much experience is essential?
  3. The top 3 most searched for job titles are Software Engineer, Marketing Manager, and Account Executive.

The Definition Of A Job Title

Navigating the vast professional arena, job titles act as sharp, defining tags capturing a role's essence and stature. From age-old traditions to the nuances of today's careers, these titles have adapted, spanning everything from tech to the arts. In a nutshell, a job title isn’t just a tag - it's the employee’s identity within your organization, setting the stage for what's expected.

But they're more than just flashy labels. Job titles echo a person’s skills, expertise, and rank in the company ladder. They're not just words on a card or a digital signature. They’re a pledge, a duty, and a chapter in the tale of a professional’s career path.

Why Choosing The Correct Job Title Is Vital?

For Employees: Your job title is more than just a label - it’s a badge of your professional prowess. It showcases your expertise and position in the company. The right title can elevate confidence, instilling a sense of pride and community. Whether you're networking or eyeing that next career leap, a fitting title speaks volumes about your capabilities, unlocking new horizons. In short, the right job title acknowledges your value today and charts a course for tomorrow's ambitions.

For Employers: Choosing the perfect job title is crucial. It brings clarity to roles, streamlines operations, and attracts the right talent during the hiring process. Moreover, it sets the tone for performance evaluations, pay scales, and career advancements. Essentially, the ideal job title cultivates a work environment where everyone knows their part, feels appreciated, and the whole team flourishes. Dive deeper with our article - Job Title vs. Job Position: What Is The Difference?

How To Pick The Right Job Title?

To craft the perfect job title, it’s vital to dive deep into the nature of the job and its role in the organization:

Consider The Job Level

Where does the role fit within the organization? The job title hierarchy can guide the crafting process. Leadership positions often boast titles like ‘Chief,’ ‘Director,’ or ‘Executive.’ Operational roles, on the other hand, might favor terms like ‘Specialist,’ ‘Coordinator,’ or ‘Analyst.’ Knowing the role's standing within the company is pivotal in determining an appropriate title.

Consider Responsibilities

At the heart of every role are its core responsibilities. What are the main objectives this position is tasked with? Your title should offer a glimpse into these key duties, helping potential candidates instantly understand the role’s significance.

Consider Duties And Tasks

Zoom into the everyday specifics. What tasks will the employee undertake? Understanding these can offer clarity on a fitting job title. For instance, a role emphasizing leading meetings, strategy, and project delivery might best suit the ‘Project Manager’ moniker over the more generic ‘Team Member.’ Delve deeper into duties and tasks in our articles - What Are Job Duties and What Tasks To Include In A Job Description.

Consider Skills

What skills are integral to the role? If the job demands mastery in a particular tool or method, it might be wise to include that in the title. For example, the title ‘Python Software Developer’ immediately highlights the role’s technical focus.

Consider Qualifications

What academic and professional credentials does the role necessitates? If a job requires specific degrees or certifications, the title should mirror that expertise. So, roles demanding a chartered status or a doctorate might incorporate ‘Chartered’ or ‘Dr’ to signify the academic depth.

Consider Experience

How much experience is essential? The title should resonate with the experience level sought. Senior roles might be tagged as ‘Senior,’ ‘Lead,’ or ‘Head.’ Conversely, roles tailored for newcomers might feature ‘Junior’ or ‘Assistant.’ Ensure the title aptly represents the experience domain of the role.

Common Job Titles For Different Industries

Let’s dive into the job titles from job descriptions for several thriving business sectors. These will help you begin the process of completing a sample or blank job description template or job advert template to attract your next Chief Executive Officer COO, Marketing Director, Sales Assistant, or Training Manager through a job description posting on job boards, career sites, and social media.

Looking to write a complete job description? Start by reading our blog, 9 Helpful Tips For Writing Job Descriptions.

Sales Job Titles

You can view our sales job titles and job descriptions to help you identify the label that best suits your job position and vacancy. Examples of different job titles include Sales Manager, Sales Associate, Sales Assistant, Account Executive, and Sales Representative.

Marketing Job Titles

You can find our marketing job titles and job descriptions here to help you select the one that best suits your available job positions. Examples of different job titles include Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Digital Marketing Manager, Chief Product Officer, Marketing Associate, Creative Director, or Art Director.

Engineering Job Titles

You can view our engineering job titles and job descriptions to help you identify the label that best suits your job position and opening. Examples of different job titles include Architectural Project Manager, Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, and Environmental Engineer.

Management And Operations Job Titles

You can view our management and operations job titles and job descriptions to help you identify the title that best suits your available job position. Examples of different job titles include Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Finance Director, Operations Manager, Hotel Manager, Vice President.

Human Resources Job Titles

You can view our Human Resources job titles and job descriptions to help you identify the label that best suits your job position and vacancy. Examples of different job titles include Hiring Manager, HR Assistant, Chief Happiness Officer, Human Resources Manager, HR Director, HR Coordinator, Chief People Officer, Compliance Officer, and HR Generalist.

Construction Job Titles

You can see our construction job titles and job descriptions to help you choose the title that best suits your prospective candidates job search. Examples of different job titles include Building Inspector, Carpenter, Architect, Construction Project Manager, and Electrician.

Information Technology Job Titles

You can view our Information Technology job titles and job descriptions to help you identify the label that best suits your job position and vacancy. Examples of different job titles include Chief Information Officer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Web Developer, Chief Data Officer, Data Analyst, and Application programmer.

Top 10 Most Searched Job Titles

If you are seeking to attract a high number of job candidates to your available role, it can help to know which titles job seekers are actively searching. According to the latest data from Google, the top ten most searched for job titles are as follows:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Account Executive
  4. Flight Attendant
  5. Project Manager
  6. Accountant
  7. Business Analyst
  8. Sales Manager
  9. Information Technology Manager
  10. Real Estate Agent

Sample Job Descriptions For All Other Job Titles

Below, you can find sample job descriptions for all job titles, neatly organized by job sector and industry:

Job Titles FAQs

Now, we tackle the frequently asked questions of Human Resources Professionals, Hiring Managers, employers, employees, and candidates on the role of job titles:

  • A job title is a term that describes the position or role of an individual in an organization, often indicating the nature of the job, level of responsibility, and area of expertise.

  • Examples of job titles include “Marketing Manager,” “Software Developer,” “Hiring Manager,” “Chief Customer Officer,” and “Chief Financial Officer.”

  • On a resume, a job title denotes the position you held at a particular organization. It quickly informs the reader about your role and responsibilities within that company.

  • Levels of job titles typically range from entry-level to senior or executive roles. Commonly, they include titles such as “Entry-Level,” “Junior,” “Mid-Level,” “Senior,” “Lead,” “Manager,” “Director,” “Vice President,” and “CEO” or “President.”

  • On an application form, you should input the specific job title you held or currently hold in a company. If applying for a new position and the form asks for a desired job title, list the title of the job you’re applying for or a title that accurately represents the kind of role you’re seeking.


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