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How to Write a Job Description

Crafting a compelling job description is an essential component in attracting the most qualified candidates for your job opening. A well-written job description will help your job stand out from the rest and garner attention from potential candidates. Job descriptions serve as your company's initial marketing tool, highlighting your organization and job position across multiple platforms to entice future employees.

To write an effective job description, it is important to strike a balance between providing enough detail to ensure qualified candidates understand the role and your company, while keeping the description concise and easy to read.

Hiring managers and Human Resources professionals can use the following tips, job description samples, and examples to create a compelling job listing that accurately represents your company and attracts top-tier candidates.

What Is a Job Description?

A job description serves as a brief summary of the essential job responsibilities, duties, activities, preferred qualifications, and skills required for a particular role. Commonly known as a JD, a job description outlines the type of work performed by an employee.

Apart from the job duties, a job description should also include crucial company details such as its mission, culture, and any benefits offered to employees. It may also mention the job position's reporting structure, such as the team leader or senior management, along with the salary range.

An effective job description and job advertisement must provide enough information to help candidates determine if they possess the necessary qualifications for the role. As such, it is essential to strike a balance between providing adequate details and keeping the job description concise and easy to read.

Job Title

It is crucial to use specific job titles when creating job postings as targeted job titles are more effective than generic ones. Therefore, choose a precise job title that includes key phrases that accurately describe the role to attract the right candidates.

When writing job descriptions, it is important to avoid internal jargon that may confuse job seekers. Instead, stick to standard experience levels like "Senior" instead of using unclear terms like "VI" that job seekers are less likely to search for.

It is recommended to keep the job title concise, as our data on job ads indicates that titles with 80 characters or less receive more clicks. This will help ensure that job seekers can easily understand the job title and will increase the chances of your job posting being clicked on by potential candidates.

Job Summary

An effective job description in the United States should begin with a strong and attention-grabbing summary that provides an overview of your company and expectations for the position.

To attract the right candidates, your job posting should include details about what makes your company unique and set it apart from other employers. Your job description should serve as an introduction to your company and employer brand, and include information about your company culture to help potential candidates understand why they would enjoy working for you.

When creating a job description, it is important to provide an exact job location to optimize your job posting and ensure it appears higher in job search results.

Candidates expect job descriptions to include details about the work environment and hours. Including this information in your job description will help attract the right candidates and increase the chances of a successful hire.

Responsibilities and Duties

To ensure your job description is effective, it is important to outline the core roles and responsibilities of the position and its overall purpose. Make sure to provide a detailed but concise list of key responsibilities, emphasizing any duties that may be unique to your organization. For example, if you are hiring for an "Event Management" role that requires social media expertise to promote events, include this detail to ensure that candidates understand the job requirements and can determine if they are qualified for the job.

In addition to outlining the core roles and responsibilities of the position, your job description should highlight the day-to-day activities of the role. This will help candidates understand the work environment and the tasks they will be responsible for on a regular basis. Providing this level of detail in your job description will help candidates determine if the role and company are a good fit for their skills and experience, ultimately helping you attract the best candidates for the position.

It is also important to specify how the position fits into the organization. Indicate who the person reports to and how they will function within your company, helping candidates understand the bigger picture and how the role impacts the business and the company's success. Consider questions such as: Does the individual have supervisory responsibilities or other duties? Whom does the role report to, and where does the position sit in the organizational structure?

Our job description examples provide an outline of job roles and responsibilities that can help any hiring manager prepare effective job descriptions for a successful recruitment process.

Role and Tasks

In a job description, the section that outlines the role and tasks is crucial in helping potential candidates assess if the job aligns with their skills and experience.

The job duties and major responsibilities of the position should be clearly stated in a concise language. It is important to highlight any unique daily tasks that are relevant to the role. For instance, if you are recruiting for a "Technical Support" position that requires the person to solve software application issues, include this job duty and required skill in the job description to give candidates an understanding of the role and its importance to the overall success of the position.

Providing such details enables suitable candidates to visualise their job purpose, roles, and responsibilities within the company. This increases their motivation to apply for the job. To help your hiring process, an effective job description template should include example tasks, job duties, job purpose, roles, and responsibilities to attract suitable candidates.

Qualifications and Skills

To attract the best candidates for a role, it's important to clearly outline the necessary skills and qualifications required. This includes both hard and soft skills, education, certifications, and technical skills required for the position. Additionally, including desirable soft skills such as communication, customer service, project management, and problem-solving can help attract top talent.

It's important to keep the list of qualifications and skills concise, as including too many requirements may discourage potential candidates from applying. Our job description examples provide relevant skills and qualifications for specific jobs, ensuring your hiring process is efficient and effective in attracting the right candidates for the role.

Salary and Benefits

Compensation and benefits play a crucial role in attracting potential candidates, and a well-crafted job description should include a section dedicated to these factors. To attract top talent, it's vital to offer a clear and competitive salary range. While it's not necessary to disclose the exact salary, providing a range based on industry standards can help set realistic expectations for applicants. This way, candidates can decide whether the position aligns with their desired compensation package and take the next steps accordingly. Remember, competitive compensation is just one piece of the puzzle in attracting the right candidates.

  • Clearly indicate the salary range to attract high-quality candidates.
  • Consider offering a competitive salary to stay competitive in the job market.
  • Be willing to negotiate on salary to secure the top candidate for the job.
  • Keep in mind that salary isn't the only factor candidates consider when deciding on a job offer.
  • Regularly review and adjust salaries to ensure they remain competitive with industry standards.

Tips for Writing Job Descriptions

  • Specify the job title clearly and use industry-standard terminology to avoid confusion.
  • Clearly articulate the main responsibilities and duties of the role, avoiding vague or misleading language.
  • Keep the list of duties and responsibilities accurate and up-to-date, reflecting the current needs of the role.
  • Be explicit about any required qualifications, skills, or other key requirements that are essential for success in the role.
  • Use measurable and specific examples of past success in the role to help candidates envision their potential impact in the position.
  • Provide information on the role's reporting structure and the relationship with other positions in the company.
  • Include a clear and competitive salary range to attract top candidates and set appropriate expectations.
  • Ensure all stakeholders, including line managers, directors, and HR, agree with the job description's content to ensure a cohesive hiring process.

A well-crafted job description is critical for attracting the right candidates and providing them with a clear understanding of the role. Therefore, it is crucial to take the time to write a comprehensive job description or leverage AI-powered tools to create an impressive job description.


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Developer Advocate Development Engineer Development Specialist Developmental Psychologist Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Diagnostician Dialysis Patient Care Technician Die Setter Dietary Assistant Dietary Manager Dietary Supervisor Dietary Technician Dietitian Digital Analyst Digital Archivist Digital Artist Digital Imaging Technician Digital Media Manager Digital Producer Dining Room Manager Dining Room Supervisor Direct Care Professional Direct Service Provider Directional Driller Director Of Research Dishwasher Distribution Clerk Distribution Coordinator Distributor District Sales Manager Diversity Manager Division Manager Dock Clerk Dock Master Dock Supervisor Docket Clerk Dockmaster Doctor Assistant Document Control Manager Document Examiner Document Management Specialist Document Manager Dog Bather Dog Daycare Attendant Dog Groomer Dog Sitter Dog Trainer Dosimetrist Draftsman Driller Drilling Operator Driver Manager Driver Trainer Driving Instructor Drone Operator Drone Pilot Dry Cleaner Drywall Finisher Drywall Hanger Drywall Installer Dump Truck Driver


E-commerce Specialist Early Childhood Teacher Early Interventionist Economic Developer Economist Editor Education Director Educational Diagnostician Educational Psychologist Educational Specialist Educator Electrical Assembler Electrical Design Engineer Electrical Designer Electrical Drafter Electrical Engineer Electrical Estimator Electrical Foreman Electrical Helper Electrical Superintendent Electrician Electromechanical Technician Electronic Assembler Electronics Engineer Elementary Art Teacher Elementary Principal Elementary School Teacher Elementary Special Education Teacher Embalmer Embedded Software Engineer Embryologist Emergency Department Technician Emergency Dispatcher Emergency Management Coordinator Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner Emergency Medicine Physician Emergency Physician Employment Navigator Employment Recruiter Endodontist Energy Analyst Energy Consultant Energy Engineer Engineer Technician Engineering Assistant Engineering Director Engineering Technologist Enrolled Agent Enrollment Coordinator Entertainment Lawyer Entomologist Environmental Designer Environmental Economist Environmental Educator Environmental Engineer Environmental Field Technician Environmental Geologist Environmental Health And Safety Manager Environmental Manager Environmental Scientist Environmental Services Technician Epidemiologist Equestrian Equipment Manager Equipment Specialist Equipment Technician Equity Research Analyst Event Decorator Event Designer Event Host Event Planner Event Promoter Events Director Events Planner Excavator Executive Coach Executive Officer Executive Pastry Chef Executive Secretary Exercise Physiologist Experimental Psychologist Exterminator Extruder Operator Fabric Inspector Facilities Manager Facility Engineer Facility Technician Fact Checker Factory Manager Family Counselor Family Law Paralegal Family Medicine Physician Family Practitioner Family Service Worker Family Services Specialist Family Support Specialist Family Support Worker Family Therapist Farm Hand Farm Worker Farmer Fashion Consultant Fashion Coordinator Fashion Designer Fashion Editor Fashion Illustrator Fashion Model Fashion Photographer Fast Food Cook Fast Food Team Member Fast Food Worker Federal Agent Federal Air Marshal Fence Erector Fence Installer Fiber Optic Splicer Fiber Optic Technician Fiber Splicer Fiber Technician Field Director Field Inspector Field Merchandiser Field Representative Field Sales Representative Field Service Manager Field Service Representative Field Worker File Clerk Filing Clerk Filler Operator Film Composer Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid Director Financial Aid Officer Financial Auditor Financial Coordinator Financial Examiner Financial Manager Financial Officer Financial Reporting Manager Financial Secretary Financial Services Representative Financial Specialist Fine Artist Finish Carpenter Finisher Fire Alarm Technician Fire Captain Fire Chief Fire Fighter Fire Investigator Fire Lieutenant Fire Protection Engineer Firefighter Firmware Engineer First Officer Fish And Game Warden Fitness And Wellness Coordinator Fitness Attendant Fitness Consultant Fitness Coordinator Fitness Director Fitness Manager Fitness Trainer Fitter Fleet Mechanic Flight Attendant Flight Dispatcher Flight Engineer Flight Nurse Floor Installer Flooring Installer Floral Designer Food And Beverage Attendant Food Broker Food Chemist Food Clerk Food Critic Food Engineer Food Handler Food Inspector Food Packer Food Photographer Food Production Worker Food Science Technician Food Scientist Food Service Assistant Food Service Director Food Service Manager Food Service Specialist Food Service Supervisor Food Technologist Foreign Correspondent Forensic Analyst Forensic Artist Forensic Document Examiner Forensic Investigator Forensic Photographer Forensic Science Technician Forensic Social Worker Forensic Technician Forensic Toxicologist Forester Forestry Technician Forklift Mechanic Foster Care Social Worker Framing Carpenter Fraud Examiner Fraud Investigator Freelance Artist Freelance Copywriter Freelance Photographer Freight Agent Freight Coordinator Freight Forwarder Front Desk Attendant Front Desk Representative Fuel Attendant Fulfillment Center Associate Fundraiser Fundraising Director Fundraising Manager Funeral Assistant Funeral Attendant Furniture Designer Furniture Finisher Furniture Mover


Game Artist Game Programmer Game Room Attendant Game Tester Game Warden Gamer Gaming Manager Garbage Collector Garbage Man Gas Attendant Gas Plant Operator Gas Station Manager General Cleaner General Dentist General Maintenance Worker General Office Clerk General Superintendent Generator Technician Genetic Counselor Genetic Engineer Geographer Geological Engineer Geoscientist Geospatial Analyst Geotechnical Engineer Geriatric Nurse Glass Blower Glass Installer Glazier Golf Caddie Golf Caddy Gopher Grader Grants Administrator Graphic Designer Graphics Designer Greenhouse Manager Greenhouse Worker Greenskeeper Greensman Grinder Grinder Operator Grocery Bagger Grocery Cashier Grocery Manager Grocery Store Clerk Groundman Groundsman Group Fitness Instructor Group Home Manager Grower Growth Hacker Guest Experience Manager Guest Relations Manager Guest Service Representative Guest Services Manager Gunner Gunsmith Gutter Installer Gym Manager Gymnastics Coach Hair Salon Manager Hairdresser Hairstylist Headhunter Health And Wellness Coordinator Health Benefits Specialist Health Care Aide Health Care Assistant Health Care Coordinator Health Care Social Worker Health Data Analyst Health Education Specialist Health Informatics Specialist Health Information Manager Health Information Specialist Health Inspector Health Officer Health Policy Analyst Health Psychologist Health Services Administrator Health Services Coordinator Health Teacher Healthcare Social Worker Healthcare Specialist Hearing Aid Specialist Hearing Officer Heavy Equipment Mechanic Hedge Fund Manager Help Desk Specialist Helper Hemodialysis Technician Hi Lo Driver High School Guidance Counselor Highway Maintenance Worker Histologist Histology Technician Historian History Teacher Histotechnician Histotechnologist Hod Carrier Home Care Coordinator Home Health Care Provider Home Health Provider Home Stager Home Visitor Horse Trainer Hospice Administrator Hospice Aide Hospital Food Service Worker Hospital Manager Hospital Receptionist Hospital Technician Hospital Unit Clerk Hotel Operations Manager House Mother House Painter House Parent House Sitter Housekeeper Supervisor Housekeeping Attendant Housing Assistant Housing Counselor Housing Director Housing Manager Hydraulic Technician Hydroblaster Hydrogeologist Hydrologist Hygienist


Ice Cream Scooper Image Consultant Imaging Specialist Immigration Attorney Immigration Officer Immigration Services Officer Immunologist Import Coordinator Import Manager Import Specialist Inclusion Teacher Independent Living Specialist Industrial Cleaner Industrial Designer Industrial Engineer Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Industrial Mechanic Industrial Production Manager Industrial Psychologist Informaticist Informatics Nurse Informatics Nurse Specialist Information Analyst Information Architect Information Security Analyst Information Security Architect Information Security Manager Information Security Specialist Information Systems Security Manager Infrastructure Architect Infrastructure Project Manager Innkeeper Inside Wireman Inspector General Installation Coordinator Installation Manager Installation Technician Installer Instructional Coordinator Instructional Technologist Instructional Technology Specialist Instructor Instrumentation Technician Insulator Insurance Appraiser Insurance Claims Adjuster Insurance Collector Insurance Representative Insurance Sales Agent Insurance Underwriter Intake Worker Intellectual Property Lawyer Intellectual Property Paralegal Intelligence Specialist Interaction Designer Interactive Designer Interior Decorator Interior Designer Internal Medicine Doctor Internal Medicine Physician Internal Revenue Agent Internal Wholesaler Internist Internship Coordinator Interviewer Inventory Accountant Inventory Auditor Inventory Clerk Inventory Control Clerk Inventory Management Specialist Inventory Planner Inventory Supervisor Investigator Investment Fund Manager Investment Manager Invoicing Specialist Ios Developer Irrigation Technician Janitor Janitorial Supervisor Javascript Developer Jeweler Jewelry Designer Joiner Journalist Judge Judicial Law Clerk Jury Consultant Justice Of The Peace Juvenile Detention Officer


Key Carrier Key Punch Operator Kitchen Aide Kitchen Designer Kitchen Steward Kitchen Worker Lab Analyst Labor Relations Manager Labor Relations Specialist Labor Services Representative Laboratory Manager Laboratory Supervisor Lactation Consultant Landlord Landscape Architect Landscape Crew Leader Landscape Designer Landscape Manager Landscape Technician Landscaping Foreman Laser Operator Laser Technician Latent Print Examiner Laundry Aide Laundry Worker Lawn Care Specialist Lawn Care Technician Lawn Care Worker Lawn Mower Lawyer Layout Artist Learning And Development Director Learning Consultant Lease Administrator Lease Operator Lecturer Legal Administrator Legal Advisor Legal Analyst Legal Consultant Legal Coordinator Legal Counsel Legal Receptionist Legal Secretary Legislative Aide Legislative Assistant Letter Carrier Level Designer Librarian Librarian Assistant Library Associate Library Director Library Technician Licensed Social Worker Licensing Specialist Life Skills Coach Lifeguard Lift Operator Lighting Designer Line Server Line Service Technician Line Technician Linguist Literary Agent Litigation Attorney Load Planner Loan Administrator Loan Analyst Loan Assistant Loan Closer Loan Coordinator Loan Officer Loan Servicing Specialist Loan Specialist Loan Underwriter Lobby Attendant Location Manager Locksmith Locomotive Engineer Logger Logistician Logistics Assistant Logistics Associate Logistics Clerk Logistics Engineer Logistics Operations Manager Logistics Planner Logistics Technician Loss Control Consultant Loss Prevention Manager Loss Prevention Specialist Luthier Lyricist


Machine Technician Machinist Magazine Editor Mail Room Clerk Mailman Maintenance Clerk Maintenance Electrician Maintenance Helper Maintenance Superintendent Makeup Artist Malware Analyst Mammographer Management Analyst Management And Program Analyst Manicurist Manual Machinist Manufacturing Assembler Manufacturing Process Engineer Manufacturing Specialist Manufacturing Supervisor Marine Mechanic Market Research Analyst Market Researcher Marketing Administrator Marketing Communications Specialist Marketing Research Analyst Marriage And Family Counselor Marriage Counselor Massage Therapist Materials Coordinator Materials Engineer Materials Planner Maternity Nurse Math Interventionist Math Tutor Mathematician Mathematics Teacher Meat Packer Meat Wrapper Mechanic Helper Mechanical Design Engineer Mechanical Designer Mechanical Drafter Mechanical Engineer Media Analyst Mediator Medical Assembler Medical Assistant Instructor Medical Auditor Medical Authorization Specialist Medical Billing Clerk Medical Billing Manager Medical Billing Supervisor Medical Case Manager Medical Claims Analyst Medical Claims Examiner Medical Claims Processor Medical Claims Specialist Medical Coding Specialist Medical Collector Medical Device Assembler Medical Lab Assistant Medical Laboratory Assistant Medical Librarian Medical Manager Medical Office Coordinator Medical Office Specialist Medical Physicist Medical Practice Manager Medical Records Administrator Medical Records Analyst Medical Records Manager Medical Researcher Medical Sales Representative Medical Scientist Medical Secretary Medical Sonographer Medical Transcriptionist Meeting Planner Membership Coordinator Membership Director Mental Health Assistant Mental Health Case Manager Mental Health Clinician Mental Health Nurse Mental Health Professional Mental Health Social Worker Merchandise Coordinator Merchandise Manager Merchandise Planner Merchandising Assistant Merchandising Specialist Merchant Merchant Marine Merchant Seaman Meter Reader Microbiologist Middle School Teacher Military Police Officer Mill Operator Mill Worker Millwright Minister Minute Clerk Missionary Mixologist Mobile Application Developer Model Mold Technician Molder Operator Molding Operator Molecular Biologist Montessori Teacher Mortgage Consultant Mortgage Loan Assistant Mortgage Loan Closer Mortgage Originator Motivational Speaker Motor Vehicle Representative Motorman Mounted Police Move Coordinator Mud Logger Multimedia Artist Multimedia Journalist Multimedia Producer Municipal Clerk Museum Registrar Music Director Music Minister Music Publicist Music Supervisor Musician Mystery Shopper Navigator Nephrologist Network Administrator Network Security Analyst Network Support Specialist Network Systems Administrator Networking Engineer Neurologist News Director News Editor News Reporter Newspaper Editor Non Profit Director Nonprofit Director Novelist Nuclear Chemist Nuclear Engineer Nuclear Physicist Nuclear Technician Nurse Anesthetist Nurse Informaticist Nursery Manager Nursery Worker Nursing Administrator Nursing Assistant Nursing Attendant Nursing Director Nutrition Aide Nutrition Assistant


Occupancy Specialist Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Occupational Nurse Office Aide Office Clerk Office Worker Ombudsman Oncology Physician Online Merchant Onsite Coordinator Operating Engineer Operating Room Assistant Operating Room Technician Operations Research Analyst Optical Engineer Optician Options Trader Optometrist Oral Surgeon Orchestra Musician Order Entry Clerk Order Entry Specialist Order Specialist Order Taker Ordinary Seaman Organizational Development Consultant Organizational Psychologist Organizer Orthodontist Orthodontist Assistant Orthopedic Surgeon Orthopedic Technician Orthopedist Otolaryngologist Outside Machinist Package Designer Packaging Designer Packaging Machine Operator Packaging Technician Paint Technician Pantry Cook Paralegal Paralegal Specialist Park Attendant Parking Attendant Parts Advisor Parts Associate Parts Counter Person Parts Driver Parts Person Parts Sales Manager Party Hostess Party Planner Pastoral Assistant Pastry Cook Patent Examiner Pathologist Patient Care Specialist Patient Services Coordinator Patrol Deputy Pattern Maker Paving Laborer Pawnbroker Payroll And Benefits Specialist Payroll Officer Pediatric Dentist Pediatric Oncologist Pediatric Oncology Nurse Pediatric Surgeon Peer Navigator Peer Tutor Performance Consultant Performer Periodontist Perioperative Nurse Permit Specialist Personal Chef Personal Financial Advisor Personal Support Worker Personnel Manager Personnel Specialist Petroleum Engineer Petroleum Supply Specialist Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Pharmaceutical Scientist Pharmacist Technician Pharmacy Coordinator Phlebotomist Phone Operator Photographer Physical Trainer Physician's Assistant Physicist Physiologist Physiotherapist Pilates Instructor Pile Driver Pipe Welder Pipelayer Pipeline Technician Pizza Cook Planning Consultant Planning Technician Plant Scientist Plant Supervisor Plasterer Plastic Machine Operator Playwright Plumber Plumber Assistant Podiatrist Police Aide Police Captain Police Investigator Police Officer Police Records Clerk Policeman Policy Advisor Political Analyst Portfolio Analyst Postal Carrier Postal Service Clerk Postal Support Employee Power Plant Operator Presentation Specialist Pressman Prevention Specialist Preventive Medicine Specialist Pricing Specialist Priest Print Production Manager Printer Printing Press Operator Prison Guard Prison Warden Private Chef Private Detective Private Duty Nurse Private Investigator Probation Officer Process Improvement Engineer Processing Clerk Processing Technician Processor Operator Proctologist Procurement Agent Procurement Buyer Procurement Clerk Procurement Engineer Producer Product Design Engineer Product Development Engineer Product Support Specialist Product Tester Production Clerk Production Control Manager Production Leader Professional Athlete Professional Basketball Player Professional Organizer Professional Soccer Player Profiler Program Evaluator Program Support Assistant Progressive Care Nurse Project Architect Project Designer Project Management Specialist Proofreader Prop Maker Property Adjuster Property Administrator Property Coordinator Property Inspector Proposal Coordinator Proposal Specialist Prosthetist Prosthodontist Psychiatric Aide Psychiatric Social Worker Psychiatrist Psychoanalyst Psychometrician Public Accountant Public Affairs Officer Public Defender Public Health Administrator Public Health Analyst Public Health Director Public Health Officer Public Health Sanitarian Public Safety Dispatcher Pulmonologist Punch Press Operator Purchasing Administrator Purchasing Analyst Purchasing Manager Purchasing Supervisor


Quality Assurance Director Quality Control Engineer Radiation Oncology Nurse Radio Announcer Radio Host Radio Producer Radiologist Railroad Conductor Ranch Hand Rancher Rater Real Estate Associate Real Estate Broker Real Estate Manager Real Estate Sales Agent Real Estate Salesperson Reconstructive Surgeon Recording Engineer Records Technician Recreation Attendant Recreation Coordinator Recreation Therapist Recreation Worker Recreational Therapist Recycling Sorter Recycling Worker Referee Reference Librarian Refinery Operator Refractory Worker Regional Sales Director Rehabilitation Counselor Rehabilitation Psychologist Rehabilitation Specialist Rehabilitation Technician Reiki Practitioner Relations Specialist Release Of Information Specialist Relocation Coordinator Rental Agent Rental Coordinator Rental Manager Repacker Repair Technician Reports Analyst Representative Reproductive Endocrinologist Research Fellow Research Manager Research Specialist Research Technician Reservationist Reservations Agent Reservoir Engineer Residence Counselor Resident Engineer Residential Advisor Residential Coordinator Residential Director Residential Manager Residential Specialist Resource Navigator Resource Officer Resource Room Teacher Restaurant Crew Member Restaurant Worker Retail Banker Retail Pharmacist Retail Salesperson Retail Stocker Returns Processor Revenue Agent Revenue Specialist Rheumatologist Ride Attendant Rigger Right Of Way Agent Risk Management Analyst Risk Management Specialist Rodbuster Roofer Roofing Laborer Roughneck Route Driver Route Sales Representative Routing Clerk


Safety Administrator Safety Consultant Safety Director Safety Inspector Safety Supervisor Salad Maker Sales Manager Sales Professional Sales Support Associate Salon Coordinator Sandblaster Sandwich Maker Sap Consultant Sawyer Scale Operator Scenic Artist Scenic Designer School Director School Guidance Counselor School Janitor School Principal School Psychologist School Social Worker Screener Script Reader Script Writer Scrub Nurse Scrub Technician Sculptor Seafood Clerk Secret Service Agent Security Assistant Security Compliance Analyst Security Director Security Guard Security Operations Analyst Security Operations Manager Security Shift Supervisor Security Site Supervisor Semi Truck Driver Semiconductor Technician Sensory Scientist Server Administrator Service Aide Service Clerk Service Dispatcher Service Engineer Service Representative Set Designer Sewer Sewing Machine Operator Sheet Metal Fabricator Sheet Metal Worker Short Order Cook Showroom Manager Sign Language Interpreter Signal Engineer Signing Agent Silviculturist Site Administrator Ski Instructor Ski Lift Operator Skills Trainer Skin Care Specialist Skip Tracer Slitter Operator Slot Attendant Soccer Player Soccer Referee Social Studies Teacher Social Work Assistant Social Work Case Manager Sociologist Software Consultant Software Designer Software Developer Software Development Engineer Software Manager Software Programmer Software Quality Engineer Software Test Engineer Software Trainer Soil Conservationist Soil Technician Solar Consultant Solar Engineer Solar Project Manager Solar Technician Solderer Solicitor Songwriter Sound Engineering Technician Sound Mixer Sourcing Recruiter Spa Coordinator Spa Director Space Planner Spanish Interpreter Spanish Teacher Special Agent Special Education Assistant Specimen Accessioner Speech Writer Sports Announcer Sports Broadcaster Sports Commentator Sports Journalist Sports Photographer Sports Physician Sports Reporter Sports Statistician Sports Therapist Staff Auditor Staff Development Coordinator Staff Engineer Staff Writer Staffing Assistant Staffing Consultant Stage Hand State Auditor Statistician Steel Worker Stock Analyst Stock Worker Stockroom Associate Stockroom Clerk Stone Mason Storage Engineer Store Stocker Store Supervisor Strategic Sourcing Manager Stripper Structural Designer Structural Welder Student Advisor Student Services Coordinator Stylist Assistant Substitute Paraprofessional Sunday School Teacher Supply Planner Support Technician Surgical Assistant Survey Researcher Survey Technician Surveyor Sustainability Consultant Sustainability Coordinator Sustainability Officer Sustainability Specialist Swabber Swim Coach Switchboard Operator Switchman Systems Integrator Systems Specialist Tailor Talent Agent Tankerman Tanner Taper Tax Auditor Tax Clerk Tax Collector Tax Consultant Tax Director Tax Examiner Tax Preparer Tax Professional Taxi Driver Taxidermist Taxonomist Teacher's Aide Teacher's Assistant Team Physician Technical Designer Technical Editor Technical Illustrator Technical Support Analyst Technical Writer Technologist Technology Analyst Technology Consultant Technology Teacher Telecommunications Engineer Telecommunications Operator Telecommunications Specialist Telecommunications Technician Telehealth Coordinator Telehealth Nurse Telemarketer Telephone Interviewer Telephone Operator Telephone Triage Nurse Teller Teller Supervisor Terminal Manager Terminal Operator Test Automation Engineer Tester Testing Engineer Theater Usher Therapeutic Mentor Therapy Aide Thoracic Surgeon Threat Hunter Ticket Taker Tile Installer Tile Setter Title Abstractor Title Agent Title Closer Title Examiner Title Searcher Tool Crib Attendant Tool Pusher Tour Guide Tow Truck Operator Tower Climber Toy Designer Trade Show Coordinator Trademark Paralegal Trading Assistant Traffic Clerk Traffic Control Flagger Traffic Engineer Training Consultant Training Facilitator Training and Development Manager Transit Operator Translator Transportation Analyst Transportation Clerk Transportation Director Transportation Engineer Transportation Manager Transportation Planner Transportation Supervisor Trash Collector Trauma Surgeon Travel Advisor Travel Agent Travel Writer Tree Trimmer Trial Attorney Truck Driver Truck Unloader Tutor Typist

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