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Building your job description

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

An AI job description tool that will enable you to build any job description in seconds simply by entering the title.

Challenge the AI platform to extract a customised job description.

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Why use AI to create Job Descriptions

AI pulls data from billions of touch points to create comprehensive job descriptions for any job in seconds.


Your AI Sidekick produces winning job descriptions

Quick and Easy

No more heavy lifting – Automated job descriptions are created in seconds


No extra cost, invite your team to work with you

Be Creative

Challenge the AI to see what results you get

How we do it

Our partnership with the brilliant minds at OpenAI allows us to produce top-notch job descriptions with ease. Through extensive development, we've crafted and fine-tuned our system to deliver a job description that we're proud of every time.

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Editing your job description

Our Pricing

Each credit equates to 1 generated Job Description

3 credits (one off)

30 day expiry


5 credits

Great Value

£10 /Month

10 credits

Save 25%

£15 /Month

20 credits

Save 37.5%

£25 /Month

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