How Good is ChatGPT at Writing Job Descriptions?

Published: April 25th 2023

Updated: April 25th 2023

ChatGPT, a free AI tool, has generated a lot of excitement lately, having reached one million users within a week of its launch, and many more since. It surpasses the speed of Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, and Instagram in gaining customers, and offers users a conversational-style interface. This multi-purpose tool has the potential to assist Hiring Managers and Human Resources in crafting job descriptions, saving them considerable time and recruiting efforts.

Therefore, what exactly is ChatGPT AI technology, can it show you how to write a job description, write a job description for you and help with your recruitment marketing content?

What is ChatGPT?

OpenAI's ChatGPT, short for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, is an AI language model that engages in conversational dialogue with users. ChatGPT can perform a range of tasks, including answering questions and completing writing assignments, and is capable of generating appropriate responses or declining requests that are inappropriate or invalid.

Furthermore, ChatGPT can continue the conversation, providing alternative responses or correcting mistakes. ChatGPT is currently available for free and is continually learning and improving through Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). A paid version of the new technology has become available with increased capabilities.

How can a Hiring Manager or HR Professionals use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT could be a useful tool for HR professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters in a fast-paced environment, helping them:

  • Generate the same job description in less time
  • Compose job advertisements for job boards - Read how to use OpenAI to write job adverts
  • Research job duties, responsibilities, skills, and qualifications for job ads
  • Create job descriptions for job candidates in multiple languages
  • Develop email responses to job seekers and job applicants
  • Generate suggested interview questions/appropriate interview questions for the application process
  • Enhance job descriptions to make them more engaging and captivating in the job market

How to Write Job Descriptions using ChatGPT

We conducted our initial test by asking ChatGPT to generate inclusive job descriptions for a Catering Sales Manager position. The result is a job description that outlines the relevant responsibilities and requirements for the job. However, the generated text is quite generic for the industry, lacks persuasive language, and may not be compelling or engaging enough to attract and excite job seekers and the best candidates who are looking for jobs.

Using ChatGPT to Write Compelling Job Descriptions

For our next trial, we requested ChatGPT to infuse the job description with some fun, excitement, and engagement. The output, presented below, showcases a significant improvement in the job description's quality, making it more attractive to potential candidates searching for jobs.

Certainly, ChatGPT is capable of generating job descriptions that are quite general for a particular role and can be used by most companies for similar positions. However, organizations and their Hiring Managers would prefer to create job descriptions with more context, unique job facts, more inclusive language, market research, salary benchmarking data, soft skills, and specific candidate requirements to attract the right talent.

Writing a Non-Generic Job Description with AI Tools

We will request ChatGPT to create a job description for a Data Architect role, taking into account the specific requirements of the company. The previous attempt resulted in a generic job description with basic requirements. By providing ChatGPT with more context on the company, team, desired career skills, knowledge, and qualifications (computer science bachelor’s degree), software development requirements, the job description can be improved and tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the organization and Hiring Managers.

ChatGPT Job Description Writing Conclusions

To write satisfactory job descriptions, ChatGPT can be a helpful generative AI tool and perform tasks for some job positions. However, to attract qualified candidates and pique their interest, Hiring Managers and Recruiters should provide comprehensive information about the job responsibilities, qualifications, company culture, and team dynamics. Unrealistic Hiring Managers might expect ChatGPT to write a job description that will accurately reflect their role and appear on search engines with little input. However, ultimately the success of using ChatGPT for job description writing will depend on the quality of the input given by the users.

ChatGPT’s Limitations with Writing Tasks and Writing Job Descriptions

Although ChatGPT represents a remarkable example of the direction in which the world is moving, the success of artificial intelligence largely depends on the level of detail provided by the user when requesting an action. Despite using specific details, ChatGPT still has some limitations for talent acquisition and answering relevant questions. These includ the following:

  • ChatGPT may provide incorrect answers that sound plausible.
  • Different users entering the same input may receive the same answer from language models.
  • Responses can be generic and overuse the same phrases, sounding less like human-like text.
  • Questions may require rephrasing to obtain the desired output.
  • In ambiguous situations, ChatGPT guesses the best answer instead of asking for clarification.

Companies should use ChatGPT with careful human oversight, and it is not a replacement for an HR team. Instead, it should be regarded as a supportive tool that can help improve job descriptions, spark interest and engagement in job seekers conducting a job search, and reduce the time spent on repetitive writing tasks. This, in turn, allows users to focus on other tasks, such as reviewing incoming job applications.

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Write Job Descriptions

Ready to get started using AI to write job descriptions? Discover how to use artificial intelligence to create job descriptions in the following business sectors and use our AI tool and algorithm to craft your JD:

Using ChatGPT to Craft Job Descriptions FAQs

Here we answer your questions on using ChatGPT job description writing tools in your hiring process.

  • The best person to write a job description would be someone who is familiar with the requirements of the position, the skills and qualifications necessary for the job, and the company's overall culture and values. Typically, this would be the hiring manager or HR representative responsible for filling the position.

  • ChatGPT is not designed to replace recruiters, as it cannot handle all aspects of the recruitment process. While it can assist in drafting job descriptions and screening candidates, human recruiters are still necessary for tasks such as scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, evaluating candidate fit, and negotiating job offers and the compensation package.

  • ChatGPT may affect recruiting with a job description in several ways. It can streamline the job description writing process and reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing recruiters to focus on more complex tasks. However, it may also present some challenges, such as the potential for generic or inaccurate responses and the need for careful oversight to ensure that the system is used appropriately.

  • ChatGPT can be used for recruitment in some capacities, such as generating job descriptions and screening resumes. However, it should be used with caution and careful oversight, as it has limitations and may not always provide accurate or appropriate responses. Human recruiters are still necessary for many aspects of the recruitment process.


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