Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Write IT Job Descriptions

Published: June 28th 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly revolutionizing the field of IT recruitment, mirroring the pace of change in the tech industry itself. Generative AI is contributing significantly, and it's beneficial for employers and recruitment experts to integrate AI into their strategies. When utilized optimally, AI can help draft IT job descriptions that attract top-notch tech talent to your organization.

So, how can Hiring Managers and Recruiters utilize AI to write IT job descriptions?

Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and other HR Professionals are leveraging AI to:

  • Draft IT job descriptions
  • Investigate IT roles, encompassing responsibilities, duties, required skills, and qualifications
  • Generate IT job descriptions in various languages
  • Develop insightful IT interview questions for the application/interview process
  • Compose compelling IT job adverts
  • Enhance the quality and relevance of hiring and job description content, making it more engaging for potential candidates

AI IT Job Descriptions

When employing AI to draft IT job descriptions, it will produce a comprehensive outline for the role. This AI-generated IT job description will encompass the job responsibilities and duties. However, the resulting text may be somewhat generic, and hence, it may not resonate with or persuade the tech talents you're trying to attract.

AI can be a useful tool to infuse personality into your job description when used strategically. Adding a unique tone or character can render your IT job description more engaging, stimulating, professional, clever, persuasive, thoughtful, or empathetic. This 'personality' instilled in the job description can help captivate and draw the top IT candidates for your job opening.

As mentioned, AI-generated IT job descriptions may be quite general. Therefore, it's crucial to customize them to align with your company's specific needs and culture.

How To Tailor IT Job Descriptions With AI

Utilizing AI to craft IT job descriptions can revolutionize your hiring process, but it's important to refine these automated drafts to suit your unique requirements. While AI lays a robust groundwork, human intervention ensures the description resonates with your company's distinctive culture, values, and specific needs. By modifying an AI-created job description, you can underscore the unique features of the role and your organization, attracting competent candidates who will be an excellent fit for your team. Keep in mind, job descriptions often serve as a candidate's initial interaction with your company - ensure it's impactful by incorporating a personalized touch.

To resonate with your target audience, the crucial components of the job description you may want to alter/customize are:

  • Company specifics
  • Overview of the job profile
  • The summary of the job description
  • Distinct requirements applicable to your vacancy
  • Education and qualifications – include only those that are pertinent to your company

Advice When Creating IT Job Descriptions Using AI

When drafting IT job descriptions with AI, we suggest adhering to these guidelines:

  • Leverage AI to describe your company: AI can aid in engaging job seekers, providing an option to incorporate content from your website.
  • Utilize AI to pinpoint key role responsibilities: AI can generate a catalog of vital job duties, which you can then compare, adjust, and augment with the AI-produced copy to include distinct company responsibilities, tasks, duties, and actions.
  • Employ AI to create a strong first impression: A job description often serves as a candidate’s initial exposure to your company. AI can assist you in circumventing bland content that lacks the necessary impact to grab the attention of prospective applicants.

Proofreading And Cautionary Points When Creating An AI Job Description For IT Jobs

Proofreading any AI-generated IT job description is crucial, and we believe it's beneficial to follow the checklist below to guarantee your IT job description is on point and attracts top-tier tech talents:

  • AI can occasionally provide plausible-sounding yet incorrect information, so always fact-check the copy
  • Repeated entry of the same data can yield similar results, so always incorporate what sets your company apart
  • Responses can often be rather generic, so include distinct job responsibilities and duties
  • Watch out for redundant use of identical phrases
  • Ensure you animate the description by choosing a fitting tone of voice

Examples Of IT AI Job Descriptions

To begin creating AI job descriptions of your own, we have pre-programmed 25 popular job titles in the IT sector. Each IT job description is written in realtime and uses our unique AI algorithm:


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