Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Write HR Job Descriptions

Published: June 28th 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly revolutionizing the recruitment and hiring field, and the HR industry isn’t insulated from these transformations. Generative AI plays a significant and beneficial role, and employers and recruitment experts should embrace artificial intelligence. When used the ‘right way’, AI can write HR job descriptions that bring the best HR candidates to your door.

So, how can Hiring Managers and Recruiters utilize AI to write HR job descriptions?

Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and other HR Professionals are using AI to:

  • Write HR job descriptions
  • Compose compelling HR job adverts
  • Research HR roles, including responsibilities, duties, skills, and qualifications
  • Craft HR job descriptions in multiple languages
  • Prepare insightful HR interview questions for the application/interview process
  • Help enhance the suitability and appeal of hiring and job description content for the target audience

AI HR Job Descriptions

When you use AI to develop HR job descriptions, it creates a detailed position profile. The AI-generated HR job description will list the responsibilities and tasks associated with the role. However, the AI-crafted content can be generic and may not sufficiently engage or compel potential HR candidates you’re targeting.

AI can be used adeptly to infuse personality into the job description. This can transform your HR job description, making it more engaging, professional, inspiring, or compassionate, depending on the tone you select. This distinctive ‘personality’ can help to engage and attract the best HR candidates for your vacancy.

As previously mentioned, AI-generated HR job descriptions can tend to be general. So, it’s important to tailor the description to reflect your company’s unique attributes and requirements.

How To Tailor HR Job Descriptions With AI

Utilizing AI for writing HR job descriptions can be a massive boost for your recruitment process, but adapting these automated products is crucial. While AI provides a substantial base, human intervention guarantees the description resonates with your company’s unique culture, values, and particular needs. By personalizing an AI-composed job description, you can emphasize the distinctive aspects of the role and your company, drawing in the right candidates who will perfectly mesh with your team. Bear in mind that job descriptions often serve as a candidate’s first impression of your company - so make it impactful with a personal touch.

To connect with your audience, you may want to edit/customize the following vital parts of the job description:

  • Company information
  • The job description summary
  • Specific requirements applicable to your vacancy
  • Job profile overview
  • Education & qualifications – ensure to only include those relevant to your organization

Advice When Creating HR Job Descriptions Using AI

When drafting HR job descriptions with AI, we suggest following these tips:

  • Use AI to articulate your company’s persona: AI can help in engaging potential employees and gives you the option to include copy from your website.
  • Apply AI to identify the key responsibilities of the HR role: AI can compile a list of crucial job duties. You can then compare, adjust, and add to the AI-crafted content to include unique company duties, tasks, actions, and responsibilities.
  • Harness AI to create a lasting first impression: A job description can be a candidate’s initial exposure to your company. AI can aid you in avoiding run-of-the-mill content that doesn’t pack the punch needed to attract potential applicants.

Proofreading And Cautionary Points When Creating An AI Job Description For HR Jobs

Proofreading any AI-drafted HR job description is crucial, and we find it beneficial to follow this checklist to ensure your HR job description is accurate and appeals to the best HR candidates:

  • AI can give plausible but incorrect responses, so always fact-check all text
  • Similar inputs can lead to similar results, so always include unique aspects of your company
  • The AI’s responses can be somewhat standard, so incorporate unique HR duties and responsibilities
  • Keep an eye out for excessive repetition of the same phrases
  • Enhance your copy by selecting an engaging tone of voice

Examples Of HR AI Job Descriptions

If you’re ready to begin formulating your own AI job descriptions, we’ve pre-loaded 25 frequently used job titles in the HR industry. Each job description will be penned ‘on demand’ using our expertly designed AI algorithm:


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