Choosing the Best Words when Writing a Job Description

Published: April 25th 2023

Updated: April 25th 2023

Crafting a job description that captivates potential employees is a crucial responsibility for employers, recruiters, and Hiring Managers. This task needs to be accomplished early in the recruitment process, before the job advertisement or job post can be published. The selection of the right words is of utmost importance in creating better job descriptions, but it can pose a challenge under two different circumstances.

The first scenario is when an employee suddenly quits, and you are in a rush to create a job description and post an ad on job boards to attract suitable candidates. The second scenario is when you need to recruit a top-level executive or an industry expert for an open position, but you are unsure which words will appeal to them in job listings, making it a significant obstacle.

Although there is nothing wrong with the urge to move quickly or the desire to attract the ideal candidate, it is essential to pay attention to the choice of words. Selecting the most appropriate language is vital to achieve your hiring objectives, appear in the right search engine results, and catch a candidate’s attention.

So, what is the approach to determine the most effective wording when crafting a job description to attract top talent?

Best Words for a Job Title

When creating a job description or advertisement, it is essential to select an appropriate job title. A poorly chosen title can result in a job seeker skipping your listing without reading your carefully crafted job description. To avoid this, it's crucial to choose a concise and accurate title that clearly reflects the job's purpose, while also avoiding jargon.

It is also recommended to avoid using overly technical language in your job descriptions. Doing so can make it difficult for potential candidates to understand the requirements and disqualify those with valuable transferable skills and knowledge. Ultimately, it is more important to prioritize accuracy over creativity when selecting a job title that effectively communicates with your target audience and prospective candidates.

Best Words for Job Duties, Tasks, and Necessary Skills

At the heart of the right job description lies the job’s duties, tasks, and required skills. Choosing powerful words and keyword phrases creates a desire and conveys the unique aspects of your company and company’s culture, which can help entice great candidates. The right language should be exciting, captivating, relatable, and appealing to qualified applicants.

One way to make crafting an effective job description less overwhelming is by starting with a template or example. Our extensive library of job description templates can help kickstart your recruitment process with well-written, relevant content.

To ensure your job description attracts the best candidates for open positions, stands out against competitor listings, and ultimately results in successful hires, it's important to review it for the following information:

  • How the position fits within your organization and team
  • Details on the work environment, company culture, and what makes your company unique (employer brand)
  • The objectives of the position
  • Required skills (such as problem-solving and communication)
  • Necessary qualifications (such as a bachelor's degree or diploma)

Great Job Description Keywords

When creating a job listing for an existing or new position, it's important to use language that will attract qualified candidates. To make the job description more compelling for search engines and potential hires, consider incorporating the following words, organized by role type.

Best Words for Management Job Descriptions

These are the best words for including in management job descriptions.

  • Allocate
  • Analyze
  • Audit
  • Authorize
  • Control
  • Encourage
  • Enforce
  • Guarantee
  • Inspect
  • Present
  • Prevent
  • Regulate
  • Report
  • Research
  • Review
  • Stop
  • Verify

Best Words for IT and Arts Job Descriptions

These are the best words for including in IT job descriptions and arts job descriptions.

  • Create
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Device
  • Examine
  • Formulate
  • Implement
  • Maintain
  • Plan
  • Project
  • Resolve
  • Schedule
  • Solve
  • Test

Best Words for Administration, Accounting, Banking and Insurance, and Finance Job Descriptions

These are the best words for including in administration job descriptions, accounting job descriptions, banking and insurance job descriptions, and finance job descriptions.

  • Advise
  • Administer
  • Approve
  • Arrange
  • Check
  • Compile
  • Control
  • Coordinate
  • Distribute
  • Establish
  • Execute
  • Issue
  • Keep
  • Manage
  • Order
  • Organize
  • Reject
  • Report
  • Require

Best Words for Sales, Marketing, and Retail Job Descriptions

These are the best words for including in sales job descriptions, marketing job descriptions, and retail job descriptions.

  • Acquire
  • Advise
  • Compile
  • Distribute
  • Forward
  • Gather
  • Get
  • Give
  • Guide
  • Inform
  • Issue
  • Notify
  • Obtain
  • Procure
  • Promote
  • Provide
  • Purchase
  • Recruit
  • Report
  • Sell
  • Show
  • Suggest
  • Supply
  • Take

For more creative and innovative wording for job descriptions, read our blog - Buzzwords De-Buzzed: 10 Other Ways To Say Job Descriptions.

Good Job Description Keywords and Job Posting FAQs

Here we answer your questions on the best words for job descriptions, job titles, job ads, job postings, and the hiring process.

  • Choosing the right keywords for a concise description is crucial for ensuring that it appears in relevant search results, stands out against another post with the same job title, and attracts qualified candidates. Here are some top tips for selecting keywords:

    • Start by brainstorming a list of words or phrases that relate to the job, including required skills, qualifications, and industry-specific terminology.
    • Use online tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Jobscan to research the most frequently searched keywords for the position. Search engines weigh the quality of your job description using these.
    • Consider including common synonyms or related terms to increase the chances of the job description appearing in your content marketing search results.
    • Avoid using overly general or vague keywords that may attract unqualified candidates.
  • A well-written job description or job ad should contain the following six elements:

    • Job title and summary: A clear, concise title and brief summary of the role.
    • Duties and responsibilities: A detailed list of the primary tasks and responsibilities associated with the position.
    • Qualifications and specific skills: A list of the required education, experience, and skills necessary to perform the job.
    • Company culture and values: A description of the organization's culture and values, as well as how the position fits into the larger company mission.
    • Salary and benefits: Information about the compensation package and any additional benefits or perks.
    • Call to action: A clear statement encouraging candidates to apply for the position.
  • One effective strategy for writing good job descriptions is to incorporate specific, tangible examples of the types of work the successful candidate will perform in the role. This can help potential candidates better understand the expectations of the job and visualize themselves in the position. Additionally, using action-oriented language and focusing on the benefits of the role can help make the job description more compelling and attractive to job seekers.


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