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Published: May 11th 2023

Crafting an engaging job description can be a challenging endeavor for your HR team. Although job description templatesand samples have simplified the writing process, the use of traditional templates alone may not yield the desired results. While you may already know how to write a job description, to optimize your creation process, save time, and attract top-quality candidates, employing AI job description tools may be the way to go.

This article offers guidance to businesses seeking to create a compelling job description that appeals to and recruits top-notch talent. We explore:

  • What is an AI job description tool?
  • What are AI job description generators?
  • The top job description generator and AI job description tools

What is an AI Job Description Tool?

AI-powered job description tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to aid companies or recruiters in crafting the perfect job description. These tools analyze the fundamental information contained in existing job postings, detect patterns and biases, provide suggestions for improvements, and generate new detailed descriptions from scratch.

Some of the common features of AI job description tools include:

  • Detection and elimination of bias: These tools can identify and remove language that may deter qualified candidates from applying, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive hiring process.
  • Optimization of clarity and readability: These tools can enhance the readability and clarity of job descriptions, making them more attractive to potential candidates.
  • Matching of skills and keywords: These tools can help match the required skills and qualifications with the most appropriate job descriptions and keywords.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Certain tools provide features that guarantee job descriptions are inclusive and appealing to candidates from diverse backgrounds.
  • Personalization: Most tools allow users to customize job descriptions according to specific job titles, industries, required skills, and job requirements.

Overall, AI job description tools enable organizations to create more effective job descriptions that attract a broader pool of qualified candidates and enhance the quality of their recruitment efforts.

What are AI Job Description Generators?

An AI-powered job description generator is a software application that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automatically generate job description content.

To use the generator, users typically input job title information and other relevant details, such as the industry and necessary skills. The generator then analyzes the data and produces a thorough and optimized job description for the position. The job description can be further customized and refined by the user, who can add, delete, or modify information to better suit their specific requirements.

By automating the process of crafting job descriptions, AI job description generators help businesses save time, effort, and resources. They can eliminate the need for manual writing and editing, while ensuring that job descriptions are well-structured, optimized for search engines, attract better candidates and are free of biased language.

In conclusion, AI job description generators offer an efficient and effective solution for companies preparing job descriptions that appeal to a diverse range of qualified applicants and enhance the efficiency of their recruitment efforts.

The Top Job Description Generator and AI Job Description Tools

These are 20 of the top AI job description tools and copy generators to help businesses writing job descriptions:

1. is a recruitment platform that utilizes AI to simplify and speed up the process of finding and hiring the best talent. With the help of OpenAI, the platform can create a job description within seconds.

2. Jasper Chat is a job description generator powered by AI. It can create a comprehensive job post that users can personalize, cutting down the time it takes to create an effective job description.

3. Textio has an AI tool designed to eliminate bias from job descriptions. The tool offers guidance and recommended fixes for language and copy that may inadvertently discourage certain groups of people from applying.

4. Jobvite Job Description Grader offers a grading tool that analyzes job descriptions and produces a custom report that helps identify hiring obstacles, such as negative sentiment, insensitive language, or low word count.

5. Talvista is a company that provides a sophisticated AI tool for creating effective job descriptions. The tool is based on scientific research and algorithms that identify problematic language that may deter underrepresented individuals from applying.

6. Workable, a hiring platform, is integrating AI-generated customizable job descriptions into its recruitment process. The AI can produce job descriptions in as little as 30 seconds with customization options such as tone and language to match your employer brand.

7. Eightfold AI is an AI platform for talent management and acquisition. It uses deep-learning AI to help define role requirements and write job descriptions, reducing the time it takes to fill vacancies.

8. Ongig's text analyzer software helps users optimize job descriptions and remove bias that may discourage potential candidates. The tool identifies complex or clinical language, buzzwords, and job titles for SEO purposes.

9. Job is a job description generator with a variety of tools for creating different aspects of job descriptions. Users can use AI to create an opening paragraph, identify skills, qualifications, or responsibilities, and more.

10. LazyApply's job description generator is trained on millions of job posts to create engaging and catchy job descriptions. Users can customize up to 14 parameters, including tone, job title, compensation, and more.

11. Vercel

The is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create attractive job descriptions in a matter of seconds. By selecting the job title, industry, tone, and keywords, you can produce a personalized response.

12. Simplified is a free job description generator that allows you to create text based on one of fifty templates. The AI writer creates error-free copy with checks for spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and you only need to follow the prompts.


Although is a general copy-generating tool, it is still effective in writing recruitment and hiring content. By simply indicating the content you want to create (job description in this case) and the key points you want to cover, the tool generates the content for you.

14. Hyrable

At, artificial intelligence is used to create job descriptions that appeal to the best candidates. By enabling job board posting of your job description in one click, the tool will help you streamline your hiring process.

15. Recrooit

Recrooit, found at, is an AI-powered job description generator designed to help you attract more referrals and candidates effortlessly. The tool requires a job title, information about your company, why employees will want to join your workforce, and keywords to do its job.

16. Joblint is an open-source, free-to-use application that provides improvement suggestions for any job description. The tool evaluates your copy's terminology, highlighting words, terms, and phrases that may disqualify specific candidates.

17. CraftmyJD

With CraftmyJD, located at, recruiters and business owners can create personalized job descriptions that resonate with a broad range of job seekers. In just a few seconds, you can create a job description that will attract up to 10 times more job applicants.

18. Snape is a job description generator developed by Springworks. To receive a personalized AI-written copy, you enter details such as the company name, LinkedIn URL, salary range, and location.

19. Dweet

At, their mission is to eliminate the need for you to create job descriptions from scratch. The results are precise, captivating, and free of bias, and you can add a few sentences about your company to make them more informative.

20. Grammarly's new AI-powered desktop and mobile applications are noteworthy. Although it does not write job descriptions for you, it ensures that any JD generated by you or one of the tools mentioned above is clear, bold, and error-free.

AI Job Descriptions Tool FAQs

Here we answer your frequently asked questions on how to create job descriptions using a job description generator.

  • The time it takes to generate a job description with AI can vary depending on the complexity of the task, the amount of information available, and the specific AI tool being used. Some AI platforms can generate a job description in just a few minutes, while others may take longer, depending on the level of customization required.

  • To generate a job description with AI, you typically need to provide the AI platform with some basic information about the job, such as the job title, required skills, and job responsibilities. The AI system will then use machine learning algorithms to analyze this information and generate a job description that matches the required criteria.

  • AI-generated job descriptions should be compliant with labor laws, as long as the AI platform has been designed to adhere to these laws. However, it's always a good idea to have a human review the job description to ensure that it meets all legal requirements and is free from any potential bias.

  • Yes, LinkedIn has already added AI tools for generating profile copy and job descriptions. These tools use natural language processing algorithms to analyze job listings and candidate profiles and generate recommendations for the most relevant skills and job descriptions.

  • The AI job description on LinkedIn is a feature that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze job listings and generate a list of recommended skills and qualifications. This feature can help employers and recruiters to create more accurate and effective job descriptions, while also helping candidates to better understand the skills and qualifications required for a particular job.

  • A job description generator typically works by analyzing the key requirements of a job, such as the required skills, education, and experience. The generator then uses machine learning algorithms to match these requirements with appropriate job titles, descriptions, and candidate profiles.

  • The job description in AI refers to the process of using machine learning algorithms to generate accurate and effective job descriptions. AI can help to improve the quality of job descriptions by identifying the key skills and requirements of a particular job, as well as by analyzing candidate profiles and recommending the most relevant job titles and descriptions.


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