How to get your Job Postings on Google for Jobs

Published: May 10th 2023

When you search for "Jobs near me" on Google, a widget displaying several job listings in your local area may appear. If you're interested in including your own job openings in these Google for Jobs search results, you may be wondering how to do so.

Based on our research and firsthand experience posting jobs, we've discovered some tips on how to get your job postings included in Google for Jobs search results.

Step by Step Guide to get your Job Listing on Google for Jobs

These are the steps to follow to get your open jobs/new jobs in front of potential candidates on the Google search engine (Google for Jobs):

1. Implement Google’s Structured Data

To appear in the Google job search engine, the most crucial factor is having structured data on the webpage where a single job is listed. Structured data is a piece of code that assists the Google job search engine in comprehending the job. It's essential to note that each job posting must have its own page to which you can add structured data. Without this code on your job ad page, the likelihood of being featured in Google for Jobs search results is nearly non-existent. At the moment, Indeed does not include structured data, and as a result, they are not typically included in Google search engine results.

2. Provide as much Information as Possible about your Job Position

Providing more information to both job seekers and Google within the structured data schema markup will increase the chances of appearing in Google search results. Therefore, when creating job postings and a job description, you should include essential job details, such as:

Remember, the more comprehensive and detailed your job postings are, the more likely they are to be seen by potential job seekers on Google for Jobs.

3. Update your Sitemap

Sitemaps are files that assist the Google search engine in comprehending your own website and careers page. It's critical to include your job listings in one of these sitemaps. Moreover, it's recommended that you inform Google through the Google Search Console when you update your business website sitemap. This helps ensure that your job postings are indexed correctly and promptly, increasing their visibility in Google searches.

4. Add Taxonomy Lookup References for Google Jobs

Multiple taxonomies or job classifications exist, with Onet being a popular database. While creating structured data for a job posting, you can include a taxonomy lookup reference to enhance visibility, interactivity, and conversions with the job search tool. This allows a job seeker to locate your job posting more easily and improves the chances of conversion and completion of your hiring process.

Job Sites that appear on Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is not a job site, but rather a search feature that aggregates job postings from various job sites, major job boards, and company career pages. Therefore, a wide range of job sites and career pages can appear on Google for Jobs, including a popular third party site like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Adzuna, Monster, ZipRecruiter, Reed, Jooble, and CVLibrary, as well as smaller niche job boards and company career pages.

To optimize your job posts' visibility, we recommend using job board advertising that is compatible with Google for Jobs. Despite the current candidate shortage in the market, we've observed job postings receiving thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks through the platform. These are potential candidates who might not have come across your job listings elsewhere, highlighting the importance of leveraging Google for Jobs as part of your recruitment strategy.

Why you still need your Job Posts on various Job Boards and Job Websites

While adhering to best practices, there is no guarantee that when you post a job it will appear in the Google for Jobs search engine results, which is the main challenge with using Google Jobs. If you exclusively use one job advertising provider and your job isn't included in the Google for Jobs search results, it can result in a smaller candidate pool and less interest from job seekers. Furthermore, it's improbable that candidates have registered for job alerts on all sites. Enhance your job advertisement visibility and recruitment process by using a job advert templatejob description template, and by advertising on multiple job boards and web pages that aggregate jobs.

Google for Jobs Job Posting FAQs

Next, we answer your questions surrounding how to post jobs on Google for Jobs.

  • To get your job to show up on Google search, you need to post it on a job board or career site that is indexed by Google. This will allow the search engine to crawl the job posting and include it in its search results. You can also optimize your job posting for search engine optimization, using top-notch SEO techniques and including relevant keywords and phrases, clear job titles, job description, and location information.

  • Posting a job on Google is completely free, but you need to post it on a job board or career site that is indexed by Google to take advantage of the free service. There may be fees associated with posting your job opening on these sites, depending on the platform you choose.

  • To post a hiring ad on Google, you need to use a third-party job board or career site that is indexed by Google, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Reed. You can create an account on these sites and post your job ad, including job title, description, location, and application instructions. Google will then crawl the job posting and include it in its search results.

  • Google job search is a search engine feature that allows users to search for job openings directly on Google. When a user searches for a job, Google displays job listings from various sources, such as job boards and company career sites. Users can filter their search results by location, job type, date posted, and other criteria. Google job search also offers job alerts, which notify users of new job postings that match their search criteria.

  • Google does not offer a platform for employers to post jobs directly on its search engine. Instead, Google aggregates job postings from various sources, such as job boards and company career sites. This ensures that job seekers have access to a wider range of job opportunities and that employers can reach a larger audience.

  • There could be several reasons why your jobs don't show up on Google Jobs. One reason could be that your job posting is not properly optimized for search engines, such as not including relevant keywords or a clear job title and description. Another reason could be that the job board or career site where you posted your job is not indexed by Google. You can try optimizing your job postings for SEO and posting them on job boards and career sites that are indexed by Google to increase their visibility.


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