Example Garbage Collector Job Description

Our Garbage Collector job description includes the responsibilities, duties, skills, education, qualifications, and experience.

About the Garbage Collector role

The Garbage Collector is responsible for collecting, transporting and disposing of waste materials to ensure public health and safety. This job may involve driving a garbage truck, loading waste containers, and cleaning up after collection.

Role Purpose

The purpose of a Garbage Collector is to collect, transport, and dispose of refuse and recyclables from residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Garbage Collectors are responsible for ensuring that all waste is properly sorted and handled according to local regulations and guidelines. Their duties may also include operating heavy machinery, such as garbage trucks, as well as maintenance of their equipment. They may also be required to provide customer service, such as providing information on proper waste disposal methods.

Garbage Collector Summary

The Garbage Collector is responsible for collecting, sorting, transporting and disposing of refuse and recyclable materials. The position requires the ability to drive a truck and operate hoisting and other equipment associated with the job. The incumbent must be able to lift heavy objects, withstand extreme weather conditions and be able to work independently with minimal supervision. The Garbage Collector must possess excellent customer service skills, maintain a safe work environment and promote public awareness of waste management and recycling programs.

Garbage Collector Duties

  • Maintain the cleanliness of public areas
  • Collect and dispose of refuse from commercial and residential areas
  • Ensure collection and disposal of all hazardous materials in accordance with regulations
  • Monitor, maintain and repair collection equipment
  • Record and report collection and disposal data
  • Communicate safety regulations to the public

Garbage Collector Skills

  • Ability to identify and safely remove hazardous materials
  • Knowledge of safety regulations and protocols
  • Ability to maneuver safely around uneven terrain

Garbage Collector Requirements

  • Ability to lift heavy objects
  • Ability to operate garbage truck

Personal Traits

  • Reliable
  • Organized
  • Punctual

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