Example Desk Clerk Job Description

Our Desk Clerk job description includes the Administrative Assistant responsibilities, duties, skills, education, qualifications, and experience.

About the Desk Clerk role

Desk Clerks provide customers with a variety of services in hotels, motels, and other lodging facilities. They check guests in and out, assign rooms, process payments, handle customer inquiries, and provide information about the establishment and the local area. Desk Clerks also address customer complaints and assist with other operational tasks as needed.

Role Purpose

The purpose of a desk clerk is to provide excellent customer service to hotel guests by accurately checking guests in and out of their rooms, handling guest inquiries and complaints, and providing knowledgeable information about the hotel and local area. Desk clerks are responsible for ensuring that all guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, and for maintaining the hotel's standards of service.

Desk Clerk Summary

The Desk Clerk is responsible for providing excellent customer service and maintaining the front desk operations of a hotel or other lodging facility. Duties include greeting guests, checking them in and out, making reservations, handling payments, answering phones, and responding to inquiries. The Desk Clerk must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a friendly and professional demeanor. Knowledge of computer systems and basic office administration is also required.

Desk Clerk Duties

  • Greet guests and check them in and out of the hotel
  • Maintain records of rooms and guests
  • Process payments and keep accurate records of transactions
  • Answer phone calls and respond to guest inquiries
  • Provide information about the hotel and local area
  • Assist with any other tasks as needed

Desk Clerk Skills

  • Excellent customer service
  • Knowledge of hotel services and amenities
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Proficiency in computer systems
  • Attention to detail

Desk Clerk Requirements

  • Answer customer inquiries and provide information about services and accommodations
  • Register guests and assign rooms
  • Resolve customer complaints and special requests
  • Keep records of guest accounts and payments
  • Balance cash at the end of shift
  • Provide excellent customer service

Personal Traits

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to remain calm during stressful situations

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