Example Histotechnician Job Description

Our Histotechnician job description includes the Administrative Assistant responsibilities, duties, skills, education, qualifications, and experience.

About the Histotechnician role

A Histotechnician is a laboratory professional who prepares tissue samples for microscopic examination by pathologists. This includes cutting, staining, and mounting slides for visual examination. Histotechnicians must be knowledgeable about the techniques used in histology, the study of tissues, and must adhere to strict laboratory protocols for accuracy and quality control.

Role Purpose

The purpose of a Histotechnician is to prepare tissue samples for examination by a pathologist. This includes embedding tissue specimens into paraffin blocks, cutting and staining thin slices of tissue, and mounting the tissue slices onto slides. Histotechnicians also perform quality assurance checks on their work, maintaining records and assisting pathologists in laboratory procedures.

Histotechnician Summary

Histotechnician Job Summary: A Histotechnician is a laboratory professional who prepares and examines tissue specimens for use in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This position requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to work with precision instruments in order to produce high-quality results. Responsibilities include preparing tissue specimens for microscopic examination, embedding and sectioning tissue blocks, performing routine staining techniques, and recording results accurately. The Histotechnician must have a strong understanding of laboratory safety protocols, and be able to follow detailed instructions in order to produce accurate results.

Histotechnician Duties

  • Prepare tissue specimens for microscopic examination
  • Cut and mount tissue sections on glass slides
  • Operate and maintain laboratory equipment
  • Perform routine quality control tests
  • Train and supervise other laboratory personnel
  • Maintain laboratory records

Histotechnician Skills

  • Microtomy
  • Staining
  • Embedding
  • Sectioning

Histotechnician Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in histology or a related field
  • Experience in laboratory techniques
  • Knowledge of laboratory safety and quality control procedures
  • Proficiency in laboratory software and equipment

Personal Traits

  • Detail-oriented
  • Organized
  • Analytical
  • Excellent communication skills

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