Example Driving Instructor Job Description

Our Driving Instructor job description includes the responsibilities, duties, skills, education, qualifications, and experience.

About the Driving Instructor role

A Driving Instructor is responsible for teaching individuals the basic knowledge and skills needed to safely and effectively operate a vehicle. They provide instruction on the fundamentals of driving, including maneuvering, traffic laws, and vehicle maintenance. They also evaluate students' driving performance and provide feedback to help them improve.

Role Purpose

The purpose of a driving instructor is to provide instruction and guidance to students, helping them to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain a driver's license and become safe, responsible drivers. Driving instructors are responsible for creating lesson plans, teaching the basics of operating a motor vehicle, and evaluating student performance. They must also ensure that students comply with applicable laws and regulations, and provide guidance and support to students who may be struggling or in need of additional assistance.

Driving Instructor Summary

The Driving Instructor is responsible for providing safe and effective driving instruction to students of all ages. This includes teaching students the laws and regulations of the road, as well as proper driving techniques and defensive driving. The Driving Instructor will also assess students’ abilities and develop individualized lesson plans to meet their needs. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills, and a passion for teaching others to drive safely and responsibly.

Driving Instructor Duties

  • Assess student driving abilities
  • Provide instruction on driving techniques and safety
  • Develop lesson plans and evaluate student progress
  • Explain traffic laws and regulations
  • Maintain records of student progress

Driving Instructor Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Patience and understanding
  • Knowledge of driving laws and regulations

Driving Instructor Requirements

  • A valid driver's license
  • Knowledge of local roadways
  • Excellent driving and communication skills
  • Patience and the ability to teach

Personal Traits

  • Patience
  • Communication Skills
  • Knowledge of Driving Rules and Regulations

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